I swear…you men drive us crazy more than you realize…and yes…more than we drive you crazy.

I understand we, as women, are hard wired to be thinking a trillion things at once….not only are we thinking about all those things, but we’re also thinking about the different ways to get to that point, the different outcomes that might come of it and the different ways to deal with the different outcomes.

I’m not going to lie…we’re complicated creatures. We like to think ahead…we like to plan. I can’t really say the same thing for you. I think that most of you men (*note I said most….not all) have a real difficult time multi-tasking. By multi-tasking, I’m not referring to taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn and building a shed at the same time….you guys are great at that. I’m talking about multi-tasking your thoughts….frankly, you suck at it.

I understand that the man’s basic instinct is to hunt, attack and provide…that’s cool, I get it. But we’re not in the caves anymore and you need to learn to do more than grunt….it’s called communication.

Believe it or not…I’m not even talking about communication with us women right now…that will come later….believe me. No, right now I’m talking about communication with none other than your best friends….or buds….or cuz’s…whatever you call your own. I know you’re manly, but you have to both get over the testosterone contests and just talk it out….I know what men’s “talking consists of” …..”sorry bro”…”it’s alright”….followed by a handshake and possibly a tug with a punch on the back. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m not supposed to, who knows.

What I do know is that you are thick-headed….it’s why we love you…we’re trained to handle that about you….however, your buddy is just like you and you need to get it out or it’s going to end.

It’s ok, I won’t look.

But you’ve got to do it…cause not only is it detrimental to your friendship, but it’s a real turn-off to women that you can’t man-up and make up with your friends.